HA-Collagen & Colostrum 3 boxes

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Date: 05/03/2016

Ingredient:Only nine days can make you change ❗❗❗
Five super-secret anti-aging, containing the active ingredient Colostrum hyaluronic acid elastin peptides, vitamin B2, etc., can enhance immunity, immunity, containing natural moisturizing factor, can play lock water facial moisturizing effect, can improve skin elasticity, dilute the crow's feet, seven days to change their fundamentally. Do back Pretty confident woman.


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Angelby HA Collagen efficacy

1 - Replenishment moisturizing whitening

Unique collagen triple helix structure, can be strong lock 30 times the water, so that the skin moist and long-lasting, glossy, delicate; another by inhibiting melanin production process to achieve the purpose of whitening.

2 - Restore elasticity aging

After the collagen into the skin, aging fracture repair elastic fiber network, restore skin elasticity, flexibility filling; additional collagen can eliminate free radicals, multi-channel anti-oxidation, slow down skin aging.

3 - Firming skin repair fine lines

After the collagen into the dermis, can quickly fill the partial collapse, improve relaxation, tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, fine lines calm.

4 - Gentle locking calcareous skeleton

Collagen, calcium grid attachment, locking bone calcium to prevent calcium loss. Effective repair of articular cartilage, restore lubrication of articular cartilage surface, reducing friction.

5 - Soften hair shine hair

Lack of collagen, the hair will dry fork, nutrition hair collagen can solve hair fork, so the hair moist and flexible.

6 - Run nourish nails soft surface

Can change the nail bleak, yellowing, cracking and nail pigmentation and various other troubles, collagen not only make your nail surface smooth and bright, but also to make tough nails prone to breaking.

7 - Shrink pores lighten spots

Collagen can make the cells more closely adhered to speed up the metabolic rate, promoting the shedding of dead skin, prevent melanin deposition, dilute the black spot has been formed, so fair-skinned, dark spots fade.

8 - Remove dark circles eliminate eye bags

Collagen to restore dermal elastic network, resilient skin, reduce and eliminate wrinkles, eye liner, dark circles, redness, age spots, etc., to reverse the aging process.

9 - Hip bodybuilding breast breasts

Collagen unique hydroxyproline a contraction of connective tissue effect, make the relaxation of tissue tight, supporting from sagging breasts, breast tall, plump and elastic.

Muscle and joint

Muscle and joint

Activation and improve muscle function and joint activities, and action against file generated daily wear.

Bones and teeth

Bones and teeth

Contribute to the generation of bone, strengthens bones and teeth, to make it hard and resilient.



When the immune proteins bind to collagen, the body's immune system will be able to raise a hundred times more than immunity.


Blood vessels and the heart

Repair and strengthen blood vessel walls, and enhance the ability of the heart to restore effective against aging function.



Improve skin health and color, make the skin more flexible and reduce wrinkles.


Hair and Nail

The main component of the hairpin is collagen, rich in collagen naturally strengthen hair growth and nail color.

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Collagen Colostrum

1 - Information:

angelby HA Collagen is combination of Colostrum, transparent gum (hyaluronic acid), high performance L- glutathione and other components of collagen protein drinks Collagen is the main component of connective tissue in the skin, so skin care is essential Studies have shown that the transparent resin and L- glutathione can quickly and effectively improve the organizational structure of the inner layer of skin cells, promote skin to restore the original gum and moisture can keep the skin moist, smooth, shiny, wrinkle reduction, skin reach rejuvenation effect.

Angelby HA collegen contain nutrients colostrum, which is rich in calcium, protein, vitamins and trace elements can regulate the body's immune system, promote metabolism, tissue repair and wound healing effect, in order to reduce wound scarring; head to nourish hair hair root cells and also help to make hair more healthy, thereby reducing the effectiveness of hair loss

Angelby HA Collagen unique nutritional supplements to promote bone health and skin from the inside out, to give a more complete nutrient supplements to achieve healthy beautiful skin effect is generally less than the collagen protein foods

Package form:

1 box × 10 × 20 mg packet

2 - Ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid, L- glutathione, marine collagen peptide skim colostrum powder, natural vanilla powder.

3 - Recommended Dosage:

Take 1 day - 2 Pack

4 - Direction of use:

Prevention of osteoporosis, cartilage loss, joint pain, joint swelling and fragility, stiffness, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, other joint degradation; maintain cardiovascular health; solve problems such as skin aging: fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, chapped and sagging skin, acne and large pores.

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